Obyte wallet



Where to get Obyte wallet?

1.Download from our site with mirror: Win64 version; Win32 version; Mac version; Android version; IOS version

2.Download from Obyte site at https://obyte.org/#download

3.Download from Github at https://github.com/Obyte/Obyte/releases

And you can topup voip credit with Obyte's bytes at here. Where to get Bytes? You will have chance to get 10% or 20% cashback automatically when you recharge voip credit with our wechat payment /alipay or Obyte (Adding cashback into Obyte wallet)! Besides you can also purchase directly from cryptocurrency exchange like Bittrex.



  1.从本网站的镜像下载 Windows64位版本; Windows32位版本; MAC版本; 安卓版本. IOS版本

  2.从官网站下载 https://Obyte.org/#download

  3.从Github上下载 https://github.com/Obyte/Obyte/releases

  您可以用字节雪球钱包里的数字货币(Bytes)来充值VOIP帐号,充值入口请见这里. 哪里可以获得Bytes? 当您用微信支付/支付宝Obyte充值Voip帐号时,会有机会自动获得10%20%的Bytes返现(返现充入钱包示例,必看)! 累积起来就可以用来充值了. 您也可以直接从数字货币交易所购买Bytes, 像Bittrex.